Vietnam’s first ever Blockathon was a Success!

2017-12-12 10:44:02


Vietnam’s first ever Blockchain Hackathon was a Great Success!

Recently Infinity Blockchain Labs held Vietnam’s first ever blockchain hackathon or “Blockathon”. The event was held over 2 weeks and had over 45 teams entered.  In the lead up to the main event the contestants engaged in daily 2 hour courses that focused on Blockchain Technology, Business Analysis Techniques as well as product development. With such a large selection of talent on hand in Vietnam it was no surprise that the judges had their work cut out for them at the final pitch event. The founder of our organisation Joutarou Matsui was one of the judges and had nothing but high praise for the event.

“The Blockathon is A big step towards innovation, and an exciting new developments when it comes to the emerging blockchain industry here in Vietnam. I can’t wait to see some of these ideas put into real world applications”

The main event of the hackathon was the pitch day. Also referred to as “Blockfest” here we were able to listen to innovative ideas from emerging talent here in Vietnam. With such a huge amount of talent we were excited to see who the judges would choose as the winning teams.



The Proteusion team getting ready for the final Blockathon event.

And the winners of the Blockathon are….

The winning team and champions of the Blockathon were Uclear with a crowdlending platform. The project was implemented by a group of 5 young people from Ho Chi Minh City. And was completed within the 36 hour time frame of the hackathon. It is a platform that will build a personal financial support ecosystem through Peer-to-Peer crowdlending. Additionally, the recipients of capital and capital contributions will carry out transactions at interest rates determined by the form of a direct auction within the community. The speed of disbursement, credit profiles are optimized based on blockchain technology.

1. The Runner-up team was SORA with a lending circle app.
2. The Second runner up was INFECTION which included loyalty points and also  Genstack  with a healthcare record
3. The consolation prize went to Guard Pay with loyalty points and Fight together



We look forward to seeing more events like this in Vietnam in the near future. Here at Proteusion Research and Development we are researching blockchain technology as well as developing the latest SNS app, Wrappy.



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