Our management team is an essential part of our business. We have an experienced international team working towards analyzing and identifying the business

Joutarou Matsui

CEO and Founder

With the progress of modernization, we are about to be freed the from delusion of imagined community. Money, goods and people. It feels that we are tested as a human race as to how we can make our future a utopia, whilst technologies are making huge advancements. It is my passionate wish to illuminate the future of technology and the human race.

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Nguyen Hong Hai

Business Development Administrator

Nguyen Hong Hai graduated from the Natural Science University with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science. He has over 13 years worth of invaluable experience working in software development. He spent 5 years working in Japan where he participated in developing large systems in a variety of fields such as banking, medical and SAP. Whilst working in Japan he was able to continue to learn the language and is now fluent in Japanese. This has been a great asset to Proteusion Research and Development as Hai is able to successfully communicate between all teams in our organisation. Hai has been with Proteusion since the company was established in 2016. He has been researching the blockchain field and has great plans to apply this new technology into the field of software development.

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Vasily Ivlev

Investor Relations Manager

Vasily Ivlev was born and raised in Russia. He graduated with a masters degree in engineering. He has over 10 years of experience working in the telecom industry. Vasily has comprehensive experience in business development, process optimization, and analytics. A high qualification in marketing and IT gives him the advantage when it comes to keeping his finger on the pulse of innovation. With a highly analytical and detail orientated mind he is able to solve unique problems. 3 years ago he moved to Southeast Asia where he established a successful tourism business and formed strong ties in Thailand. He has recently moved to Vietnam where his vast and successful career will help to grow Proteusion Research and Development and form strong ties within the blockchain community.

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Nguyen Dinh Tuan Anh

Technical Manager

Nguyen Dinh Tuan Anh has been with Proteusion Research and Development since it started in 2016. Anh worked for over 15 years as a Project Manager for Japanese organisations both in Japan and Vietnam. In his career he worked for several prominent software companies. After establishing a successful career in big corporations, Anh decided that he was ready to put his skills and extensive experience to the test. He started working for start up companies where he was put in charge of managing small teams and implementing the planning, procurement and execution of large and small projects. After Anh moved back to Vietnam he joined PRD Co., LTD where he began researching blockchain technology. As an experienced project manager Anh is able to utilise his skills and his passion for blockchain technology by working closely with all departments in our company to help develop innovative applications.

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