The Blockchain is potentially the most important technology innovation of our lifetime



China has been rocked by food scandals in the recent years, including fake food and tainted food. Major players in the retail game are looking for ways to combat this. Blockchain is the answer for 2 big companies in China and many more globally.


Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, at the time of writing this Bitcoin was $4338. Just over a week ago the cryptocurrency was $3382, rising over 30%. Bitcoin’s current market value is sitting at $64 billion, which means that the value has gone up about $10 billion in the last week.

Grassroots Farming Cooperative Trials Using Blockchain

Arkansas based Grassroots Farming Cooperative trials using blockchain in order to have total transparency in their supply chain. The cooperative is just one of many in the agriculture industry looking to increase transparency in their supply chain. . Agriculture is the perfect industry for this technology. It is an exciting time to see where this technology will take us and the effect it will have on the food industry.


Wrappy - Connect the world.
Wrappy is a Next Generation SNS Platform.

Using the crypto currency 2.0 is Proteusion Coin:


Now we are developing features:

Free phone
Secure Message
Group Conference
TV Conference

Features for next phase:

Exchange with other coins
Stamp Creation

And next features:

Auto translation
Auto voice translation



Proteusion Research And Development Co., Ltd.

Proteusion is a vibrant company dedicated to cryptocurrency research and development, with our current focus being the next generation’s distributed social networking services (SNS).

To date, global attention has been shifting towards the meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies - this technological innovation focuses on decentralization and cryptography to transfer and process transaction information. Consequently the application of blockchain has travelled way beyond any technology or financial norms to date. The same way that the internet has changed our lives forever, blockchain is expected to be the next force that will replace and transform the current state of technologies & services.

Social networking is one instance where many people create good content without being paid. There are media stocks that require extra fees to accept credit cards and the users freedom of expression and privacy are put at risk by the authorities. Seeing the challenges stemming from these issues, we strongly believe decentralized next-generation SNS is the right way to go, to carry on connecting individuals while bringing monetized values to our customers.

R&D in Vietnam

Vietnam has long remained one of the most popular destinations for global IT services. Our base nation has a young population of 90 million, a high literacy rate of 97.3% (Dec 2016) and is rated as having the 10th most engineering graduates in the world (Forbes, 2015). Educators, private tech companies, the government and organizations within Vietnam’s tech ecosystem are working hard to cultivate a highly-skilled workforce. Therefore, our R&D lab in Vietnam will provide a base foundation to gain a strong competitive advantage within the development game.

Our mission

We are constantly striving to connect global social network users by offering the best social media platform and experiences, and rewarding users with what they deserve.

By adhering to the above mission, here at Proteusion, we value the following principles:
Privacy: Respect the customer’s privacy by utilizing blockchain technologies and ensuring strict confidentiality by any means
Rewarding: Reward the contribution of social network users via a defined monetizing scheme
Added values: The aim being to provide special additional features of added value outside of the dated concept of messaging and social interaction